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In the top right corner you can identify in order the Language Selection Menu, the Tenant Selection Menu, the Exit Button and the Menu Display Toggle Button.
On the left there are the Configuration, Status and Admin Sections to configure, check and manage your system.
The available menu can be configured to show or hide elements to the users by customizing user profile in Admin/User Profiles menu.

Language Selection Menu

Using this menu you can choose the language used by the interface. Please note: only English language is provided. If you want to use another language, you need to provide the translation by yourself using Admin/Translations menu. More language hooks can be provided. If you don't want to display all the current language hooks available, you can disable them in Admin/Settings. The language, if available, is automatically chosen based on the language accepted by the browser.

Tenant Selection Menu

Using this drop down box, the tenant to work on can be chosen. Please keep in mind that only authorized tenants are shown. Even if you are an admin, you can see only the tenants enabled on your account. If you want, admin users can automatically see all the tenants by enabling “Admins see all tenants” checkbox in Admin/Settings menu.

Menu Display Toggle Button

The website is responsive, so it will resize based on the actual screen size. If you need more space you can toggle the left menu display.