Text to Speech and Speech to Text services with IBM Bluemix

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Subscribe to IBM Bluemix and login to its web interface


Log in and create your space.


From the catalog, select the Speech to Text and Text to Speech and create the service.


Credentials are automatically created and ready to be used.


Insert the credentials in the relative section in MiRTA PBX. You can find the Voice Synthesizer section in both Admin/Settings and Configuration/Settings


Be sure to not mix username and password when entering credentials in MiRTA PBX


IBM changed their API authentication, so only the API KEY is provided. You need to enter "apikey" as username and the key provided as password

IBM has changed the interface so to go straight to the API KEY, got to https://cloud.ibm.com/resources, select the Speech to Text or Text to Speech service and then press on "Complete Details", then you can check the API credentials

You need to locate this page and get the credentials highlighted:

IBM Watson resource page.png


IBM has announced it will discontinue the current hard coded endpoint stream.watsonplatform.net and request you to check your account for the correct endpoint to use:

The pattern for the new URLs is api.{location}.{offering}.watson.cloud.ibm.com

For details on how to find and update the URL, see "Update endpoint URLs from watsonplatform.net" here: https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/watson?topic=watson-endpoint-change