Installing ADAT

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ADAT is a very useful CTI-integration tool from and using multimanager, it is possible to use with MiRTA PBX. Start with installing ADAT on your Windows machine.

Let's move to the MiRTA PBX web interface to create an AMI user for allowing ADAT connection to the PBX.

In the Settings page locate the Manager Users button and proceed to the configuration page


Adding one or more users. One user is enough.


Now get back to ADAT and start configuring it accessing the Settings menu entry.

Set the credentials for AMI in the Account / Server section

Adat account server.png

And the extension to monitor in the Account / Extension section

Adat account extension.png

Now, when a call reach your extension, a popup will show you the caller ID. Using the input box, you'll be able to dial from your desktop.