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A cluster is a collection of servers sharing a single database and acting like a single PBX. You may have even a single server and we are still referring to it as "cluster", even if it is a "single server cluster". You may run multiple clusters, so you may segregate clients by their quality of service or you can create a "staging", checking a client number of calls before moving together with other clients. Whatever is your reason, you can have completely separate system and it can be quite annoying to locate on which cluster you have the tenant you want to check. The solution to this problem si the Multiple Cluster Portal. When you define a theme as "Multiple Cluster Portal", you need to define the list of clusters supported.


For each one of the clusters you need to enter the name, the URL of the login page and the Admin API Key. When you try to login in the Multiple Cluster Portal URL, the system will check if your username/password is valid for any other cluster defined. If it is valid, the list of tenants is pulled and it is given you the choice on which tenant to connect. The browser is automatically redirected and logged in the correct server, selecting the desired tenant.