Using tenant variables to manage load balancing

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As already mentioned, MiRTA PBX, using DNS SRV, can do high availability and load sharing, but not load balancing. It is however possible to perform a "cold" load balancing, moving tenants across your servers manually, but without the need for lots of configuration. Let's see how.

To be able to move a tenant from one server to another one is important to use the provisioning templates for his phones. In the provisioning template, you'll have a variable, server_host, containing the server the phone will connect. If you have 100 phones in a tenant, without using the tenant variable, you'll be forced to edit all 100 phones configuration for moving the phones from server A to server B. To avoid this you can enter the new server_host value in the tenant variable and enforce it. Tenant variables can be found in Admin / Provisioning / Variables - Tenant Variables


You can change the entries as you like and then select the row and press "Enforce" at the bottom.