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The portal has an embedded Web Phone using WebRTC and HTML5. You need to use a recent browser and configure your system for WebRTC. Please check Enabling WebRTC for how to enable it.

The Web phone is based on the work of

Web phone.png

There are two main ways to use the Web phone:

- Using an Extension based user

- Using an Admin/User user

When using an Extension based user, you need to specify the option "Allow Web Phone usage"


If the user hasn't the "Allow Web Panel Access", when connecting, he will be immediately connected to the Web Phone

If the user has the ability to use the Web Panel, when connected, a phone icon will show up in the upper right corner, opening the page with the Web Phone


When using an Admin/User user, the "can Use Web Phone" privilege is required. This privilege is automatically assigned to the "Admin", "Tenant Admin" and "Restricted Admin" macro profiles.

If an extension has the "WebRTC Support" enabled, in Status/Peer Status, an additional icon will be shown in the action column, allowing to connect to the system with the Web Phone using that account