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Here I am trying to collect some of your requests with the way used to solve your needs. Take in mind there can be multiple ways to do the same trick and mine cannot be the best one.

Read a number from the caller and run an AGI script using it as parameter

Change the CallerID of the extension when dialing out

Select the destination for DID based on the BLF selected on the phone

Receiving SMS and routing to an email

Configuring TWILIO SMS provider

Collect feedback from clients calling support

Using a BLF key to monitor and pause/unpause from a queue

Using a BLF key to monitor FMFM for an extension and toggle it with the key press

Using a SIP loudspeaker device

Ask for the virtual extension to join and join the calling extension to it

Play the agent name to the caller

Create a "press 1" campaign

Play a message to the called number, when answer

Create a forwarding from an extension using a feature code

Mask/Withhold callerid when dialing out using a prefix

Create a Night/Day switch with automatic toggle

Visual Voicemail

How to secure the server and prevent/limit frauds?

Configure a remote PBX as part of the extension list

Understanding DID, Queue and Extensions recordings

Configuring and using Ademco alarm receiver

Using Dial by Name Directory

Configuring Lenny chatbox

Using different MOH for queues

Blocking a port using the Custom Rules

Setting a notification for Emergency Numbers - Kari's Law

Configuring custom conversion string for Microsoft Azure TTS

Understanding autorefills and autocharges

Queue priorities and penalties

Using the web phone

Using tenant variables to manage load balancing

Configuring Text to Speech using Google Cloud

Configuring Text to Speech and Speech to Text using Google Cloud